Seeking Fantasy Authors with Unique Mermaid Books

Inform fantasy readers why your mermaid book is unique and different.

 Greetings fellow fantasy authors. I’m new to fantasy writing, and I have a soon-to-be released novella. Before the December 31st book launch of “Tell Us the Mermaid Story,” I’m hoping to find some similar titles on Amazon, so I can determine how to position my own book.

The field of fantasy writing is a vast one, and in many ways, the competition is steep. However, with so many different perspectives about what a merperson should be, fantasy authors have a diverse field of fantasy readers. There’s room for everyone.

Would you like to have your book title (new or existing) added to the list of unique mermaid books that I’m composing? Great! Simply add a comment at the bottom of the page, and include your book title and Amazon link.

Don’t hesitate to leave a few words and let us know, what specifically is unique about your mermaids. Click and read if you’d also like to get a free Amazon gift copy before the book is launched. 


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