Free Amazon Gift Copy from Debut Fantasy Author

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If you’re looking for an entertaining new fantasy author to follow, don’t miss the debut of Beka R. March, and the December 31st book launch of “Tell Us the Mermaid Story.”
I’m Beka, and I want to offer you a FREE Amazon gift copy of my upcoming novella, but I need you to do me a favor though.

Your honest and genuine book review posted on Amazon would be greatly appreciated. NO QUID QUO PRO. [Hey, Amazon, if it’s good enough for the president…]

Take a moment and read an excerpt from Tell Us the Mermaid Story, right here on this blog. For a little more insight, check out this interesting Medium article about other merpeople related books, that too often, have the same or similar backstory.

To get your FREE Amazon gift copy, so you can leave an honest and genuine book review (No quid quo pro), simply provide your email information so you can receive the book’s Amazon gift link when it becomes available.


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