Do Readers Really Want Mermaids Out of Water and Walking Around On Land?

I like my mermaids to stay in the water.

Making Mermaids is a fitting name for a debut fantasy author whose sole purpose is to write about and comment on everything related to mermaids. At least, that was how I saw it, and I truly hope readers will too. One of the topics I’ll be saying a lot about is how so many mermaid books, movies, and stories, all have mermaids who grow legs and walk on land.

What Readers Want
Do readers always want their mermaids to come out of the water and walk around on land? Personally, I don’t think so. What I love most about a mer-person is the fact that they have a tail and swim like a fish. I want to see that (or at least be able to visualize that, based on the writing). I also want to envision what the mer-world would look like – underwater.

As a new fantasy writer and author, I’m not really sure what other readers have to say about this topic, I only know how I feel as a mermaid fan myself. Hopefully, I can find out from comments and responses to this article, as well as this blog in general.

Longtime Mermaid Lover
I’m Beka R. March, and I’ve been a mermaid lover long before I became an author of the new novella Tell Us the Mermaid Story.

This mythical sea story is conveyed to three small children during a long plane ride, as they sit back and imagine the mysterious island located in the South Pacific.

But through the telling of the story, the readers find out something the children in the story don’t know; not everything about the mermaid story is all made up.

By the end of this publication, readers will have begun to pick up on hints about what might currently be going on in the waters of New Zealand, and how the island from the story is involved.

[NOTE: This publication is due to be released by December 16, 2019 – Click to see how to get a Free Advance Copy]

The Coming Chronicles
One of the primary objectives of this blog is to acquaint fantasy lovers in the reading community to Beka R. March; not just my work, but who I am and how I think, as a fantasy writer.

I welcome comments and opinions from all fantasy readers, especially those who are mermaid lovers like me. If you do decide to leave a comment, I simply ask that everyone do it in a respectful way, particularly if you disagree with a stated point-of-view.

For instance, I’m currently working in an upcoming book series (I tease about it in the recent release I just mentioned above).  MERQUATICA: Chronicles of the Merpeople will be introducing my own take on merpeople and the idea of a merworld.

For those who like their mermaids to stay in the water, you will definitely be pleased with the mermaids that I, Beka R. March is creating.

I’m one of those people who like my mermaids to stay in the water. So many books, movies, and mermaid stories have the focal point being a mermaid out of water, and walking around on land. Not mine! Stay tuned and see for yourself.

[If you disagree and want to leave negative feedback, that’s okay, as long as it’s civil].