How Can a New Book Promotion Service Really Benefit Your New Novel?

Using a new book launch service to promote a new novella.

When the title of this blog article caught your eye, chances are, your mind was instantly attracted to the word "new." Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of something new? It’s human nature.

But sometimes, when it comes to paying a fee for a new product or service, people tend to be skeptical, even if the fee is a nominal one. We want what’s new, but we’re afraid of it too.

Attractive New Services

If the above comment sounds like a contradiction, that’s because it is, but as I already stated, it’s human nature, and that’s how we humans are.

The reality is, on the one hand, we like hearing about and checking out new things, even if it’s just out of pure curiosity. So yes, new services are often attractive.

But on the other hand, we tend to be skeptical when money is involved, so in these cases, “new” can actually be a disadvantage. 

With my own product, a new fantasy novella about mermaids, I want people to take a chance on a new fantasy author, so is it really fair for me to hesitate on taking a chance with a new service provider?   

Established Service Providers

The launch of a new book involves a host of different and strategic activities. There’s a lot that can be done to help your new release get off to a good start, if you're willing to put forth some effort.

It's understandable why an author might hesitate to take a chance on using a new book promotion service to announce a new novel launch

They might assume that they’ll be better off using a service that’s already established. To some extents, this is true, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to hedge all your bets.  Why not use both?

Find an established service provider to help market your book. BUT, don’t overlook the advantages of using a new book promotion service also.

Benefits of New Service is a fledgling book marketing and promotion service, in addition to being a small business (with one employee - yours truly :-)

As a new service provider, I can vouch for the fact that new, and small providers like myself have a whole lot of promoting to do, just to announce their new services. That's a plus for you! Here's how.


Usually, new service providers like me are already implementing a lot of different promotional activities, and we're always looking for even more new ways to announce, expose, and promote our services. Some authors don't realize how many small providers will really work harder for you.

BENEFIT: New book promotion services work extra hard to build a name, and they'll typically  bring you and your novel along, while they're gaining exposure for the business.

That's what's great about the constant promotional activities for, the fact that when I promote my business, I also promote my authors. I do my best to get them exposure and brand recognition, even while I'm building my own company brand.

I use the services I’m performing (or performed) for them, as part of my advertising. So they get additional (and free) exposure, whenever I exposure my services.


My current clientele is extremely limited, and may be that way for a while, but that just means that I work that much harder for the authors that I do have.

The purchase of a simple KICKSTARTER AD PAK is not the end of the matter when I accept a service request. If I see and determine other complimentary services I can provide to an author, I just go for it! 

BENEFIT: Get more individual, one-on-one attention, unlike with bigger, more established providers.

If you’re looking for a simple way to help jump start the launch of your novel, visit:


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